Q4 Update
Dec 2018

Step Up would like to take the opportunity to wish all our valued connections a very happy holiday season!

Have you goals of 2018 been achieved? Step Up is proud that we have exceeded our target this year and are looking forward to the new challenges ahead. 

A brand-new year is approaching fast, what will be your objectives of the year of 2019? The year of Pig will be an interesting year which all eyes will focus on China, not only because of its trade war with the US but also the continuous rising impact to the world.

While global growth expected to be slow in the year of 2019, talent market has been emerging to a new trend.

Organizations are looking at the interventions that have an effect today, instead of focusing on the long-term, such as trainee programs. They are willing to put the best people on the most important jobs and let them to development new markets and businesses.

Individual talent vs talent teams. Developing and solidifying teams are developing, but for sure it will get more attention. The importance of diversity in building innovative teams which equip organisations with the ability to address the needs of markets, and operations in multicultural environments. 

Another interesting approach is “go with the flow”, which organizations are advocating. Talent in these organisations often start initiatives without any corporate involvement. The main task of the corporate team is to stimulate and not to stop these initiatives, and not to force them to a global approach immediately.

Organizations have been loosening their boundaries and more welcoming talent from different perspectives.

Making use of social media influence, expressing and commenting their experience, is very common. Talent must be aware of what has been posted and changed which might do more harm than good to their career.

Better never stops! Helping yourself to become better by getting feedback on real performance, good people wants to Step Up and lift their career. 


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