Things that clear mental clutter
July 2021

The first of half of the year has gone quickly. We are sorry for fewer blogs this year. The aftermath of the pandemic and its lockdowns have gone beyond our physical and mental condition.

In these six months, it is the best time to transform our mind – work life merging has now replaced work life balance. How to calm an unsettled mind? Everyone’s experience is very different, but I have tried these suggestions….

Stay in the present - we are likely more aware of the past and thinking about future. Spending time to think about the past and to inhabit the future landscape could drive us into a fog which can provoke anxiety. The antidote is to make a conscious effort to remain present in the moment. Engage in tasks like art or craft, house or garden projects, walking, especially somewhere new, or exercising.

Prioritise self-care - Love ourselves. I always love the airline safety instruction that instructs you to put on your mask first before attending the others. It is so true. Focus on the principle of what you can control and what is out of your control. Think about something small and short term that you can deal with than things six months in the future. Create your sense of empowerment.

Wake your brain up - Learning new things will wake up your brain. Think what you enjoy doing. The key is to do whatever three times consecutively. For example, you love drawing, learning new colour materials, new drawing technique, and new style, and sharing your finished piece in three different channels, message to your friends, posting on line, a gift for your loved one….etc. There are many ways to make it fulfilling.

Take positive action – Doing something even in a very small way, makes you feel less helpless and hopeless when facing problems out of your control. Volunteering answers a need to ‘do something’ which can make us feel we are doing something positive. I have been doing volunteering with a dementia care centre that gave me joy and positivity.

Thankfully, the above ways worked for me. Hope this article gives you inspiration!


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