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Quarterly Update, Q2 2018
June 2018

Everything good, everything magical happens between the month April and June.

Many organizations, local to MNC, reimagine the future of their workforces. The trend of changing at speed, is emerging in different parts of organization’s competencies. Employees are expected to work with purpose to unleash the potential of the individual as a change agent. 

The flexibility of accepting different age group on entering or re-entering into the workforce is one key to increase the supply and re-energize the work abilities. How the digital technology can complement the workforce and continue to prepare them for the never-ending shift in the environment. These are the trends we see in the Asia talent market.

Step Up HK is delighted to announce that the newly selected Managing Director for an international sporting goods retailer has started in May. He has already been involved in the organization re-shape project. The team has another mission with an international garment manufacturing and trading group for finding two managing directors to join their group this year. It has been a challenging role that Step Up HK performed a deep search of talent not only in Asia but also Europe. In addition, Step Up HK has worked on a Human Resources Director and various level of finance openings in this quarter. 

Partnership with Hong Kong Radar Aviation Services has strengthened the technical portfolio, with recruitment in the business aviation sector and also additional positions in the automotive industry.

It has been two years since Step Up HK was launched and we are looking for constructive inputs, in our “Help to shape the future” survey with our clients. It is the most important thing to understand the future needs and continue to advance our services and products to meet your needs.

Summer has come, and it is time for fun. We won’t be wasting time, as Step Up for fun and action.

“Do what we can, summer will have it flies.” Ralph Waldo Emeson


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