Supporting the Elderly
Sept 2021

Supporting the community is always a core value of Step Up. In a video produced by the Tung Wah Group of Hospital Jockey Club Intergenerational Art Centre (JCIAC)*, this is the first time an elder and her carer are invited to participate in the video production. The production team meticulously built the concept, story, casting, scripts, venue, and production. Their aim was not only to provide art activities to the needy but also to encourage them to step up and out of their boundaries to enjoy a beautiful life.

賽馬會耆青藝坊 - 🎨藝術四圍遊: 第三集 👯【大館】

*JCIAC was set up to provides training and support to demented elders and their carers through non-labelling and interesting art programmes. In addition, youth volunteers, carers and demented elders are encouraged to work together in creative art activities, so as to promote intergenerational communication and understanding, with the ultimate goals of improving quality of life of elders and carers, enhancing intergenerational inclusion as well as establishing a harmonious community.


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