Present Yourself Well in an Interview.
Sept 2020

Beginning with this topic, there are TWO important rules that you need to remember:

1. Do not talk about your family and personal life

The interviewers / hiring managers do not mean to know about your personal life, they are here to evaluate your suitability to the job that you applied.

2. Do tell a professional work story

This is a professional setting that you will be assessed on your ability and potential for the employer. A compelling story with clear and complete messages would increase engagement with the interviewers / hiring managers.

Your interview will typically start with a common question of “Tell me about you”, addressing this, there are xx tips you should consider sharing in the interview process.

1. A short and simple introduction of yourself - The introduction can be around your character strengths.

2. A snapshot of your work history with your accomplishment - this is a very important piece of information for interviewers / hiring managers who are going to form an impression about your abilities, style, and potential.

3. A specific example of your accomplishment – Solidify your accomplishment, one or two examples that can show your abilities in optimization of processes, productivity enhancement, cost efficiency, profitability increase, and new business direction.

4. A connection between you and the job you applied – What makes you unique is relying on the click with the interviewers / hiring managers. You can express to the interviewers / hiring managers what you know about the job and the company in order to create a connection.

5. A reason why you fit the role – adding on to the positive discussion with the interviewers / hiring manager, remember to share a good reason of what make you an ideal candidate and not the other candidates.

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