The Dragon is Here - Feb 2024

In the auspicious year of the Dragon 2024, it is time to seize new opportunities and elevate your career to greater heights through hard work and perseverance. Look out for the opportunities in Step Up.

Merry Christmas 2023

Merry Christmas! 🎄🎅🎁

May this Christmas season bring you joy, peace, and happiness, and may the new year bring you even greater success and prosperity.

2023 sees in the Year of the Rabbit

Stepping Up to a very Merry Christmas and a bright New Year

Roar in the Year of the Tiger

What will be our year of the tiger? We are still in the mist of the pandemic, however businesses have to be continued. Step Up sees it is a time for us to unlearn and relearn.

To our clients and candidates, we wish you a  Merry Christmas & have a great new year.
Supporting the Elderly - Sept 2021

Stepping up and giving a helping hand to the elderly.


Things that clear mental clutter - July 2021

It is the best time to transform our mind – work life merging has now replaced work life balance.

Kung Hei Fat Choy

A positive start of the year of Ox, we are delighted to welcome back our existing business partners and two new clients who selected us for our talent solution.

Self Exploration - Dec 2020

Ever thought about why this is me? Do you want to find more about yourself? What makes you happy? It is a process to find out what is valuable to you by investigating within yourself.

Start with small things - Dec 2020

When things are overwheming, start small.

Read how Step Up can help.

Coaching - Nov 2020

Why do I need a coach? In most people’s mind only best athletes and top-notch people will require a coach to unleash their best potential. In fact, the truth is every of us will need a coach in different period of your life-time.

Mindfullness IN The New Norm - Oct 2020

Being mindfulness does not sound complicated. Trying to centre your thoughts and be with the moment. 

Stepping Up, even over 50 - July 2020

This not the end of your career though reaching age of 50s. It is just another new page if you are able to transform and find your path of new career adventures. Step Up found this article might likely give a light to those.

A New Normal For Your Job Search - July 2020

How to make your profile appealing amongst so many good profiles?

Read on!

Present Yourself Well in an Interview.- Aug 2020

Beginning with this topic, there are TWO important rules that you need to remember:

Read on to learn more.

Stepping Up Your Career - Oct 2020

Doing the right thing at the right time!

It is time to get ready for your next career move! 

Step Up is here to help.

Quarter 2 Update - June 2020

The virus doesn’t stop Step Up and we are sharing the latest in quarter 2 update.

Reinventing Your Career in the Time of Coronavirus - Apr 2020

It’s no wonder, then, that during the current pandemic, many people are rethinking their careers. Read more from the Harvard Business Review.

Get prepared for the coming tax year end - Mar 2020

Sharing is part of the Step Up HK DNA. As the tax draws nearer it is time to get prepared.

Understanding yourself and your team - Feb 2020

You know you and your team can be better. Try our portfolio of DiSC tools and Step Up your performance.

Career Coaching - Feb 2019

Got stuck with your current role? What could you do? Have you even wondering why?
<Read More>

Q2 Update - July 2019

Q1 and Q2 has been a technology driven.  Find out more in our update.

We Are Moving - Sept 2019

We are moving to a new office  effective 7 September 2019.

Go to contact us to find our new address and contact number

Q4 Update - Dec 2019

Q3 and Q4 is about repeat customers and building a solid foot hold in a new space.  Read more

Let’s Be an Angel - Jan 2019

Food Angel is a food rescue and food assistance program launched in 2011 by Bo Charity Foundation with the mission of "Waste Not, Hunger Not, With Love” … <Read More>

Q4 Update - Dec 2018

Step Up would like to take the opportunity to wish all our valued connections a very happy holiday season! … <Read More>

We love Winnie the Pooh! - Aug 2018

Step Up, partners again with the Windshield Charitable Foundation and hosted young kids and their families from the Sham Shui Po district to have a great morning with Winnie the Pooh … <Read More>

InterSport, Bringing Sport to the People - Aug 2018

Sport is big business, with more people keen to live an active life - and willing to spend good money on getting the right equipment…
<Read More>

Quarterly Update, Q2 2018

Everything good, everything magical happens between the month April and June...
<Read More>

Quarterly Update, Q1 2018 - Mar 2018

Step Up has welcomed the New Year with new energy and a positive start! We see the market picking up and continue to show resilience which reflects the strength of Hong Kong and the Asia region...
<Read More>

Effective Communication - Mar 2018

Are you approaching your next interview or networking event? Is it important for you to go with increased confidence and to make the first impression with impact?
<Read More>

Step Up HK, adds Liza Li - Feb 2018

Step Up HK expands its learning capability by bringing on board Liza Li...
<Read More>

DiSC Certfied - Jan 2018

The DiSC® profile, published by Wiley, is a non-judgemental tool used for discussion of people's behavioral differences… <Read More>

Spotlight, The Offer and Acceptance - Jan 2018

Spotlight is our new series of articles to help you Step Up and get to where you belong in your pursuit of a new career.
<Read More>

Quarterly Update, Q4 2017 - Dec 2017

2017 has finally come to a close. What a year it has been! Step Up has expanded its services from Executive Search into HR Consultancy Projects… <Read More>

Meeting Step Up - Nov 2017

Step Up Managing Director, Winnie Wan, was recently invited by a major online jobs portal, to share ...

<Read More>

Quarterly Update, Q3 2017 - Sept 2017

We will have a new quarterly update you so can keep abreast as to what is happening.

<Read More>

Spotlight, The Interview -  Sept 2017

Spotlight is our new series of articles to help you Step Up and get to where you belong in your pursuit of a new career.

Stephanie will share her thoughts on how to do a great interview. <Read More>

Our hero, Doraemon! - Aug 2017

Step Up, partnered with the Windshield Charitable Foundation and hosted young kids and their families from the Sham Shui Po district to a fun morning with Japanese hero, Doraemon! <Read More>

Everyone can have Family FUN - Aug 2016

Step Up is a keen supporter of charity, we are passionate about giving back to our community….

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