Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the network of Step Up!
Dec 2022

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the network of Step Up!

What is the best description of the year of 2022 to you?

Apologies for limited updates in this year’s blog, we have been stepping up efforts to boost the business productivity in the year of new normal. We realigned the business strategies for our target markets and reinforced our strengths and capabilities with our clients and candidates.

Attract, grow, and retain talent in the of year 2022 is extremely hard. We see the talent inequalities have been spreading wide, which would hinder corporates achieving sustainable growth of businesses.

Reference to the research of Insead Knowledge, Switzerland (ranked no 1) and Singapore (ranked no 2) maintained their lead as the most talent competitive countries in the 2022 rankings. There is a strong positive correlation between greater economic empowerment of women and higher talent competitiveness. The talent competitiveness will continue in year of 2023, we believed.

It is also time to celebrate success despite of all challenges. Step Up has made some big and small winnings - we, as a selected partner of a worldwide aviation organization for talent acquisition in Asia Pacific, involved in human capital projects on technical and corporate hiring with our existing clients; we assisted our new clients in hiring roles which were tough and demanding to fill by traditional recruitment channels; and last but not least, we expanded our talent network into new regions.

A new year, 2023 is approaching us quietly, what will be your stepping up plan? We would love to hear from you.


Reference to the book "Lead the Future". 


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